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15 Gal Crape Myrtle Pink

15 Gal Crape Myrtle White

25 Gal Crape Myrtle Standard

100 Gal Shumard

100 Gal Nuttal

100 Gal Winged Elms

100 Gal Podocarpus

15 Gal Magnolias

15 Gal Slash Pine

1 Gal Liriope "Super Blue"

1 Gal Cast Iron

1 Gal FL Privet

1 Gal Oleander "Dwarf Pink Ice"

1 Gal Oleander (Calypso Pink)

1 Gal Oleander (Red)

1 Gal Muhly Grass

1 Gal Fakahatchee Grass

1 Gal Wiregrass

1 Gal Juniper "Parsonii"

1 Gal Blue Plumbago

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